Lessons from Lockdown Intro

We have just emerged from a period in history, that hopefully will never be repeated, but somehow I think it will. 4 months of not being able to work and serve my clients, all for the sake of a so called virus. Not matter which side of the hoax, or not to hoax, side of things you are, the truth is that we were confronted with a reality that no-one was really prepared for.

Have you come through it feeling enriched or depressed? Did you gain anything from the time that you were asked to stay at home, not go out, not see your friends and family? Did you obey the rules? What did you do?

In September I will be doing a post a day, in an A to Z challenge, which I will call “Lessons from Lockdown” which will give you a flavour of what I have been doing with my time! Be sure to follow to get a reminder, each time a post gets published. If you can’t wait, here’s a bit of a sneak look now.

This photo was taken a week ago, when I was taking part in the Hay House Publishers 7 day online book writing challenge.

This was taken sitting outside a wonderful place on Skye called The Lambing Shed. It was so peaceful there, and conducive to writing, and got me in the mood to write more for you, my followers.

If you would like to be part of the Aligned with Joy Community on facebook, then click through and ask to join. We look forward to seeing you there.

Blessings and Joy, Joy x

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