Staycation 2020

My husband and I had big plans this year for our holidays in 2020. We were planning on flying out to San Francisco, to hop on a ship and cruise up to Alaska, but something happened that put the kybosh on that, and so we had to rethink our trip. We opted to go to the Isle of Skye, an island part of the Highlands & Islands in Scotland. We went there for our honeymoon 10 years ago, so we have a soft spot for it, and decided that we would like to spend 5 days there. About 2 weeks before we were due to go, I signed up for the Hay House online 7 day book writing challenge. Definitely a lockdown-bonus, as cruising means the wi-fi is notoriously slow and expensive. So being in Scotland for it, rather than on ship heading northwards on the pacific Ocean heading for the Bay of Alaska, was a Brucie bonus. So we packed the car, and headed up the A77,M77 A82 towards Skye.

After a six and a half hour journey, we found our accomadation and started to take our things inside, only to be met by the girls who were providing our breakfast. Later on in our stay we came across a darker one which I nicknamed burnt toast, and so these creatures were just toast. They were very friendly and often joined me at the table when I was trying to write.

We kept our eye on the weather, which changed rapidly from minute to minute. One of the activites of our trip was to watch the view from our window change from minute to minute. One morning I watched the clouds lift from the hills opposite, only to see a gentle veil of mist fall, like a bride placing her veil over her face, before going to meet her groom at the altar.

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Blessings and Joy, Joy xx

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