It is approaching the year annivesary of heading out to Tanzania, and heading out to Kilmanjaro to attempt to get to the Roof of Africa. I use the word attempt, because that is what it was, an attempt, I did not succeed, and so I came home and licked my wounds and tried my best not to think about it. I had an amazing adventure, don’t get me wrong, and it was through no fault of my own that I didn’t get to the top. My body decided to give me the experience of altitude sickness. Nothing I could have done, I don’t think, could have prepared me for it.

I reached the grand height of 4600 metres, somewhere between the height of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. No mean feat, and when I look through my photographs I have great memories, but when I see the pictures of my fellow climbers who managed to get to the top, I am sad, and will admit to crying over not realising the dream.

I won’t go into the gory details, just suffice to say that for 24 hours I couldn’t keep a single meal down. Jo, the leader of the party took the decision that I did not have enough fuel onboard to continue onto the summit. Being successful of reaching the top means that those who are not fit, hold the rest of the team back and I understood that, so on the day that the main party headed for base camp ready to head out for the summit, I headed down the path, back to a bed on lower ground.

I will leave you with my photos.

Having spent some time going through my photos to put on here, I am eternaly grateful for the chance to have had the adventure. I must give a shout out to the tour operators 360 Expeditions, and their team “On the Mountain” lead by Mussa and his loyal team of porters and guides.

If you are considering doing this trip when we are all allowed to get back to travelling, do not skimp on your support staff. If the trip looks cheap, then your support staff are probably not of a good calibre. They can make or break your chances of success. Mussa and his team are excellent. They took such good care of us all. I can highly recommend them, and I hope they survive what we are going through now, as they are certainly the best on the Roof of Africa. They work as a team, but I will give a shout out to the porter and guide who came down with me, in a post of it’s own, watch out for it in the next few days.

I still have a lot of processing to do from this trip. Writing this blog has given me another opportunity to process what I did actually achieve. I certainly don’t feel that I want to go back and prove a point…..there is no point…..altitude sickness sucks. But Mount Mehru looks amamzing, and to look over and see Kilimanjaro, now that would be a view worth training for.

Have you set out to do something huge, and not made it. How did you feel? Leave me a comment.

Blessings and Joy, Joy x

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