Finding Joy in a Sea of Masks

For only the second time, I travelled up to Glasgow to take part in the gatherings on Glasgow Green to speak about the recent goings on, from my perspective. The first time, I didn’t speak up, but this time I did. I received a very warm welcome from the people of Glasgow who were very receptive to my 5 minute talk.

I met an amazing lady by the name of Christine, who is a homeopath, and as luck would have it, or the synchronicity of the Universe, we both travelled in by train, so we walked back to Glasgow Central Station together, both maskless of course.

GCS was an interesting venture. 99% of people were wearing masks, and those who weren’t walking stoood obediently on the marks on the floor, for social distancing, aka social compliance. I bet if I’d stopped and asked some people who were there, if they knew anybody who a) had tested positive or B) had actually died from this so called deadly disease, the number of affirmatives would be very very low, to either question. I still don’t know anyone personally who has tested positive, let alone died from it. And it’s supposed to be SOOOOOO contagious I would have expected to know someone, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, my new best friend and myself are walking through this sea of masks, and we spot a man walking towards us without one. We have eye contact, and then, by his side, he puts a very quiet, Thumbs up!

Oh how my heart sang at the sight of this little sign of solidarity, against this madness. A little bit of joy, in a very strange world that we find ourselves living in at the moment.

Gathering on Glasgow Green August 2020

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