B is for Broken Plans

I read earlier in the year that a 2020 planner was the most useless thing that someone had bought in 2019. How I resonated with that, do you?

I had so many plans for 2020, including continuing my Craniosacral therapy training with the Upledger Institute, which involved travelling to a couple of places within the UK, a cruise in the summer to Alaska, and a winter cruise spanning Christmas, New Year and my 0th birthday in January 2021. These plans now lay broken on the cutting room floor. My 2020 diary has so many events pencilled in, rubbed out, rearranged that it hs completely metamorphasised into a completely different creature to the one that was designed for this year.

The first plan that was broken was my training. I was due to fly down to Brighton on Tuesday 24th March 2020, the very day that the UK was advised to stay at home. I loved Boris on that day. He used the words “stay at home”, he did not go for the emotive “lockdown” word. He, like me, preferred to use the stay at home phrase, an attitude I echoed in A is for Attitude post.

I could be bitter and resentful, but what good did that ever do anybody? Instead I sat on my half finished decking in the glorious spring sunshine and counted my blessings. Yes Alaska would have been a wonderful experience, but so was sitting at home, chilling and thinking of all the greenhouse gases that were not being omitted by the planes that regularly criss-cross our planet. The birdsong was glorious each day, for we could hear it now, so often in the past drowned out by the morning rush hour, or we were too busy rushing about our morning routine to notice it. There was much to be joyful about. As time went on the joy at hearing the birds and watching the amazing amount of blossom on the trees made me realize that it is the simple things in life that bring us the greatest joy.

Did you have any big plans in 2020 dashed? Did you make the most of it? Did you adapt your attitude towards it, for good or not so good? I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading this post as part of the AtoZ Challenge, the theme “Finding Joy in Lockdown”.

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Blessings and Joy, Joy x

2 thoughts on “B is for Broken Plans

  1. Yes, I had some big plans.
    40th American Holistic Nurses Association conference in Sante Fe, New Mexico, a part of the country I had never been. Missed out on past few conferences due to family commitments, was really looking forward to be with my holistic nurse ‘family’. I had a visit to St. Louis, planned for March, to be with family as we would acknowledge, and support each other, through our, still fresh, grief, on what would have been my grandson, Mitchell’s, 20th birthday. The visit had to be cancelled. Another visit had been planned in June to spend time again with my daughter and her family. Again, a trip that needed to be cancelled.
    Yes, I adapted.
    As an ‘essential worker’, I have been able to leave my home to be of service, and continue to earn a livelihood, and meet my financial obligations.
    I kept connected with family and friends through technology; dancing and singing with my granddaughter, via FaceTime, a birthday celebration and ‘virtual Bingo’ with a friend and her friends and family, long talks and Yahtzee game, fun play, with my sister, Marco Polo videos back and forth with my daughter, sister and friends. I maintained my connection with the natural world, in yard, on the beach when ‘allowed’, and hiking in beautiful parks.
    I continue to traverse this period of my life as I always do…growing through and making the best of it all, living by my values, redeciding as much as needed, to stay present and staying connected.
    Great writing. Thank you for the opportunity to share.


    • Thank you for your extensive reply Donna. The ones that adapted I think coped better with it than those who didn’t. I hope you get to a conference soon, they sound like an amazing bunch of nurses. Thank you for sharing Blessings Joy


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