C is for Clinic Chaos

A Joy of Health Clinic

With over 20 years experience working as a qualified McTimoney Consultant Practitioner, I have never had so much chaos in the clinic as I did in March 2020. When the news hit the UK of a mystery virus hitting our shores, people started to get nervous, and in the first third of March, bookings were being cancelled at an alarming rate. Initially I was concerned but once we had sat down and worked out the finances, it turned out that I could sit back and enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine and not worry too much about a vastly reduced income coming in. After all, we had finances set aside to go on an Alaskan cruise as mentioned yesterday in Broken plans, that were now put back into the coffers. With restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, retail all closed too, there really wasn’t much we could spend our money on, as long as I stayed off the M&S online shop.

I contacted peole to say that I was here for them, if they needed me, but most preferred to stay at home, and once the “Stay at Home” orders were given on the 23rd March, then that was it.

It took several months before there was a trickle of enquiries from desperate people, who were now in such immense pain, it broke my heart to hear how they had been suffering the whole time. It appeared that I was the only therapist of any modality working for several miles around. How dare the government play with the health of the nation for a virus which for a lot of people, it is a positive test after being tracked and traced, they have no symptoms.

The chaos that the stay at home orders enforced, made me re-evaluate where I was in life as I tried to make order out of the chaos. Tomorrow you can read what steps I took and how my business has changed.

Thank you for reading this post which is part of an AtoZ Challenge. You can join the Aligned with Joy Community on facebook.

Blessings and Joy, Joy

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