Design and Re-brand

in 2017, when I decided to come off the General Chiropractic Register, I was no longer allowed to refer to myself as a Chiropractor, as it is a protected title in the UK. Up until then my business name was “A Joy of Chiropractic, the McTimoney Way” but I had to rebrand, and so I became “A Joy of Health”, but that name never really sat joyfully with me.

2020 for many people, was a time of contemplation and reflection, and I took a good hard look at where my business was and where I would like it to go. Like many people I have often thought about writing a book, or two. I don’t want a block-busting bestseller, but I do have a wealth of experience that I want to share with others. 2020 gave me time to seriously look at this as an option.

In the book that I am in the process of writing, I describe my own experience of coming through trials and tribulations and learning to listen to my body and what it is saying to me. Along with that, it includes stories that I have collected from my 40 years of working in the health professions, and listening to the words that people use, and the physical symptoms that they are exhibiting. Since 1998, when I qualified from the McTimoney College of Chiropratic I have been physically aligning people, and using the words that they use to address the psychsocial issues that may be underlying their problems, and therefore helpng them to bring joy into their lives.

Aligned with Joy seemed like a perfect rebrand. It incorporates both the physical and emotional aspect of all branches of my work, both now and in the future.

I was very lucky to be able to work with a wonderful graphic designer who worked with me to design a logo which I am extremely happy with.

It all started back in June when the BLM protests were happening, and the world looked like it was turning into a very dark place. I sat meditating one day, and thought that the only thing I can do is be a tiny flicker of a flame in the dark. I also wanted to incorporate the infinity symbol. Many times in life I found myself coming back to the same point, before going off in what would seem like another direction, only to find myself back in the same place, wondering if I’d learnt anything at all from my experiences as they seemed to be repeating themselves. My tag line ” from my heart to yours” I also wanted to be shown.

My first attempt, (which was my own) had people tellling me that it looked very phallic, which is when a graphic designer offered to help me out. This is the result. We have 2 logos, very similar. One is for my physical work, and the second is for when I write the book and it gets published.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading this post.

Blessings and Joy, Joy

8 thoughts on “Design and Re-brand

  1. first off, Congratultios for moving into your truth and writing your book. I LOVE the title of your book! I personally would want to see the title less flowering and more Aligned and Bold. Perhaps one color and for sure not script writing. One writers honest opinion.
    Hope its helpful. good luck, Cindy


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