Gardening Angels

OK admit it, who likes gardening and who couldn’t tell a daffodil from a dandelion? I will admit that I am able to tell the difference from those 2 plants, but there is where my gardening knowledge just about ends. I wish I did know more about gardening, but I am seriously lacking.

Looking out on the garden where my clinic is, has been an embarassment in the past. I have a double layer of net curtains, mainly to keep prying eyes out, but it has helped to keep the view of the garden hidden from people who come to me for treatment from seeing the state that the garden is in. My husband keeps the grass mown, but apart from that, no gardening has been done for almost ten years. So when he came back one day from cutting the grass to say that the neighbour had offered to get the garden sorted out, it was an answer to a pray, my garden angel had come forward, with rippling muscles where others have wings. He had been furloughed from work, and like all good angels he likes to do good deeds.

Trees were taken down, chopped up, bits were burnt, bits were scavaged for wood burners and some bits went to the tip, once it opened.

During all of this I was spending a lot of time at home, away from the clinic, and thinking about where my business was going. I blogged about the redesign of my business image in Design and Rebrand and there was a lot of cross referencing in the words that I was using, both in the garden and in my business. It seemed like 2 parallel worlds were being created at the same time. Phrases such as “planting ideas” “sowing seeds” and in the whole lockdown fiasco I often found myself “digging deep” to find levels in my soul that I did not know existed. A sense of calm came over me as I learnt to let go of the whole process of life, and surrender to whatever it was that God had in store for me. Just as he had created the Garden of Eden, so he would create a life for me.

During this period of time, I also met in a virtual space, called the Sacred Garden, where I came together with my friends to pray, meditate, contemplate and generally support each other through unprecendented times. The Sacred Garden is a place I go to frequently in my mind when I am looking for inner peace or confirmation.

The garden looks heaps better than it did in March. My angelic neighbour has been called back to work, but I for one will be forever grateful for what he managed to achieve in the weeks that he was furloughed.

This is one of 26 posts entitled Finding Joy in Lockdown.

Did you find an angel coming to your rescue in 2020. I would love to hear your stories of people who went over and above board to help you.

Blessings and Joy, Joy

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