Keeping my Sanity

When the British Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced financial measures to help the Bitish citizens cope with the SARS-Cov2 fiasco, I knew that things were going to last a long time. As we say, the writing was on the wall.

Initially it was until the end of June. So in March, when they announced furlough for the employed and financial assistance for the self-employed, I knew that we were going to be kept off work for 3 months minimum. When in May, they extended it to October, it was pretty obvious, well to me at least, that they were not going to encourage people back to work until then.

I had hoped that due to the nature of my job, helping people control their pain levels, that my clients would continue to want to come and see me for treatment, but it became very clear very early on, that the public were believing the fear-mongering that the government were telling them every minute on main-stream media, about how deadly this virus was, and we need to flatten the curve, keep the pressure off our hospitals and stay at home. Oh and clap on Thursday evening for our wonderful NHS staff who were doing a tremendous job, making tik-tok videos, oops sorry saving patients in overrun wards and hospitals.

So with a 3 month enforced holiday in front of me, I had already decided to look upon this as a Spring Retreat @ Home, as descibed in A is for Attitude.

I started each day with a zoom meeting with my friends in the Mystic Healers Community at 7.30 am, followed by meditation and then yoga to stretch my frozen shoulder.

After this start to the morning, it was time to read abook that the group was reading. My favourite was probably the Tao of Pooh.

At the beginning of these strange times, my husband and I were slightly taken in by it, and have to admit that we stocked the freezer up with meals just in case we became ill and needed to isolate for fourteen days and could not get to the shops. I even went a bit overboard and made a Christmas cake in March, just in case the shops were out of mixed fruit come September. When it looked as though we would be ok for cake in December, we ate it for his nibs birthday, in May.

At 8pm every evening, I again met with my friends on zoom, and did an evening meditation. Where would we have all been without zoom to keep us sane and keep in touch with each other?

How did you keep your sanity in 2020? I would love to hear how you coped with it all.

This is one of a series Finding Joy in Lockdown

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